Kendall Sharps #8509SA 5qt Container w/ Translucent-White Lid


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Kendall Sharps Container is a red, mailbox-style syringe and needle collector. Made with thick puncture-resistant plastic. Convenient flat bottom design fits any table-top or counter. Transparent red color is made to clearly see when the container is full. Sharps containers play a hugh roll in healthcare settings from preventing infectious needle sticks and spreading harmful diseases like HIV or TB. Sharps containers and collectors are made in various shapes, colors and sizes. Designed to safety collect and conceal used needles, syringes, blood lancets, and IV catheter needles. Sharps Container Features Puncture resistant from needles One-way syringe entrance (can not come out) Biohazard red color Sturdy plastic shell Clearly labeled with biohazard symbol for identification Large 5 quart size Kendall 5 Quart Sharps Container Specifications Overall sharps container dimensions are – 11″H x 4.75″D x 10.75″W Kendall Healthcare product number is 8507SA

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